XQP 541 Optical Compressor

The XQP 541 Optical Compressor.

The XQP 541 Optical Compressor is a feed-back style device producing very smooth and unobtrusive gain reduction. A Silonex optocoupler controls gain and results in natural attack and release. The ratio is around 3:1.

A full ten-segment gain reduction meter works in the subtractive style of the old VU models. The resolution starts at 1dB per segment at the top and becomes broader towards the bottom.

User Comments

"After hearing this, I'm buying two."
Scott Langley

"I love the way the 541 Optical Compressor adds just enough control in a voice over without sounding pumped. It's so simple to use and get a feel for."
Barry Evans

"Brings out airy and breathy quality. Great also on bass & guitars. Brings instruments very smooth up to the front."
Michael Zander