XQP 2531 Optical De-esser - Special Edition

The XQP 2531 Optical De-esser.

In celebrating 25 years since Dane's first de-esser design, the special edition optical de-esser, the 2531, is still available. This 500-series module features all rotary switch control, NKK knobs, NKK UB IN switch, and dual thumbscrews for easy extraction from a lunchbox, dinnerbox, console, or other 500-series enclosure.

A range switch associated with the Reduction control allows for 22 level steps by switching the Reduction rotary switch between two halves of the total range of control.

Also included in this new model is a new 3-position Sidechain Feed switch to select either feed-forward (traditional), feed-back, or a blend of the two.

The plan is to build only 25 of these modules...but that could change. Plans change, you know.

2531 video produced by Steve Kinney.
Watch Steve Kinney's review of the 2531.

User Comments

"This de-esser is spectacular. The feedback and blend modes are really useful. It’s a whole other layer to dialing it in. Between the range mode and the blend modes, you can really de-ess while keeping it natural and can avoid the sound of processing."
Rob Schnapf

For more on the legacy of this de-esser, see the 531A Optical De-esser.