XQP Colour Kits

DIYRE Colourupter and Colourphone kits.


The Colourupter is a tiny version of the 545 Optical Disrutper (in kit form) formatted for DIY Recording Equipment's Colour 500 kit.

The Colour format is quickly becoming popular with those who love various forms of creative distortion. We are happy that the Disrupter has found a home among the other Colour modules as the Colourupter.


The Colourphone is a telephone sound emulator (in kit form) formatted for DIY Recording Equipment's Colour 500 kit.

Featuring a telephone transformer, a bandpass filter, and a diode clipper circuit, the Colourphone faithfully reproduces the crungy sound of a telephone call, complete with raggy, distorted sibilance.

Colour modules are available exclusively through DIYRE:


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User Comments

"I am a big fan of all the colour kits but this one (Colourupter) is really special. It pairs really well with the CTX and sounds great after any preamp at very low settings. My favourite vocal chain is now VP26 - Colourupter - CTX - Mohog 11line2amp (at very conservative settings). The extra stages of very subtle saturation that both colour modules add together really makes a vocal sit in a mix without sounding compressed at all. So cool."
Daniel P. via DIYRE

"This (Colourupter) is my favorite colour to date (12-24-14). It can be subtle, or if you crank it, it really has all that compression/distortion that the actual XQP disruptor has. It pairs well with all other colours too. At $50 it's really a no-brainer to me...I only own 1 now but I am ordering another to use as a stereo pair on drum busses in particular."
Justin via DIYRE

"It only took 20 minutes or less to build and I just gotta say I love the tone of this Colourphone module. It is simply irreplaceable in my 500 series rack."
James M Horvath via DIYRE