500-Series Audio

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XQP modules in the Lunchbox: 570 Mic Preamp, 535 Program EQ, 541 Optical Compressor, 545 Optical Disrupter, 531A Optical De-esser, and DIYRE's Colour Palette.

XQP manufactures a range of 500-series audio modules designed to give the engineer high audio and build quality and ease of use at an affordable price.

Our products are not laden with fancy features that run up the price but don't necessarily mean a lot or that are used only on rare occassions. Rather than expensive, complicated gear with every bell and whistle ever thought of, we prefer equipment that gets results quickly, having what you need for most normal day to day functions.


VTL5C1 VACTROL opto pictured at top, Silonex NSL-32R3 opto at bottom.

Optocouplers seem to be a hot item to manufacture one minute and not the next.

The beloved VACTROL, specifically the VTL5C1 in use since 1997 in what is now the XQP 531A Optical De-esser, has gone extinct - at least from the official manufacturer. The VACTROL is the heart of not only the 531A but also the 545 Optical Disrupter.

There are clones out there, and we will soon be experimenting with some to find a replacement. Hopefully there will be a bright future for the 531A, and 545, and all the products on the market that use these optocouplers.