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XQP 545 Optical Disrupter

XQP 545 Optical Disrupter.

The XQP 545 Optical Disrupter is a feed-forward optical compressor that creates an asymmetrical waveform resulting in very smooth distortion as found in single-sided circuits.

Primarily induced by low frequencies, the top half of the waveform is increasingly sloped as compression increases. The signal is not clipped at all. As distortion is the object, there is no gain reduction meter - a single LED glows in proportion to Disruption.

News Flash:
Xvive VTL5C1 optocouplers have been tested positive for use in the Disrupter!.

Read Scott Evans' Tape Op review on the 535 & 545.

The 545 Optical Disrupter was nominated for Pro Audio Review's 2012 PAR Excellence award.

Read Russ Long's 2011 PAR Review at Pro Sound Network.

Watch the video Discussing the Disrupter on YouTube.
Watch an Interview w/ Dane by Peterson Goodwyn of DIYRE on YouTube.

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10-Year Warranty

Like all XQP products, the 545 Optical Disrupter is covered by our stupid-length ten-year warranty. You don't even have to return the warranty card.

But how else will we know your favorite ice cream?

User Comments

"I am loving this thing, used it to mess-up a boring synth bass line. Epic!

Everybody that loves using distortion in music should check out the 545! I use them on vocals, bass and sometimes drums.

The only problem with this box is I need more of them... !!
Joe Haze

"It's a weapon"
Stephan Laubner

"Already crushing bass, snare, room mics, and one very angry vocal with your Disrupter…very cool!!!"
David Kalmusky

"Exceptional piece of gear esp. on bass guitar tracks."
Bert Offermann

"A compressor but a raucous effects box at the same time..."
Warren Dent