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Trip Hazard pedals 1, 2, and 3.

Trip Hazard Pedals

Trip Hazard pedals was begun several years back as an excuse to make something in a box.

Ocassionaly up for sale on Reverb, these three effects pedals utilize some of the XQP-style circuitry such as the Bourns conductive-plastic pots. The 2 Disruption is a pedal version of the XQP 545 Optical Disrupter.

Trip Hazard pedals utilize a virtual ground rail splitter to achieve precise bipolar voltage. With this arrangement, the negative from the power supply is -4.5v referenced to ground. So if you are using a Trip Hazard pedal on a pedal board with a single power supply to power all your pedals, it must have isolated outputs. If your power supply has a common ground negative, the negative supply inside your Trip Hazard pedal will short to ground, and the result will be that it won't work. And then smoke might come out.