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XQP 570 Mic Preamp

XQP 570 Mic Preamp.

The XQP 570 Mic Preamp is a clean and simple microphone amplifier with 10-segment LED peak meter. A Lundahl LL1576 input transformer gives it a silky top end and clear midrange.

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10-Year Warranty

Like all XQP products, the 570 Mic Preamp is covered by our stupid-length ten-year warranty. You don't even have to return the warranty card.

But how else will we know your favorite ice cream?

User Comments

"The 570s are awesome to mix through! More clarity and mid forward punch!"
Joe Haze

(Joe mixes through a Roll Music Systems RMS216 FOLCROM Passive Summing Device requiring a pair of mic preamps on the output.)