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XQP 535 Program EQ

XQP 535 Program EQ.

The XQP 535 Program EQ is an active Baxandall 2-band design. Each band has two frequency choices and its own amplifier to prevent interaction.

A very gentle EQ, at maximum boost or cut, the slopes will be around 4dB/octave and max out around +/- 9dB. Despite the 10k and 15k markings on the HF control, the actual corner frequencies of this band are way out in space - more like 30k and 40k - so the slope continues beyond audibility.


Read Scott Evans' Tape Op review on the 535 & 545.

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10-Year Warranty

Like all XQP products, the 535 Program EQ is covered by our stupid-length ten-year warranty. You don't even have to return the warranty card.

But how else will we know your favorite ice cream?

User Comments

"Absolutely gorgeous piece of gear. Great with ribbon mics in order to get a little bit more top end. It can smooth out very nicely the "honkiness and splashiness" when plugging in guitars directly (no cabinet miking) to a console/preamp. Very addicting...you can ́t turn it off..."
Michael Zander

"The 535 EQ adds just enough brightness and bottom end without sounding harsh or muddy...and the ease of use is fantastic."
Barry Evans